What Should You Know About Consuming Edibles
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What Should You Know About Consuming Edibles

Is there any other way to consume cannabis without worrying about the smoke and the lingering smell? Yes. Thanks to the ever-growing industry of medical cannabis, you can also consume cannabis like normal food or snacks. This variety of cannabis products are called edibles.

Today cannabis edibles go beyond the traditional brownies and chocolates and can be found in the most exciting forms like gummies, beverages, and even beer. But, most people do not jump onto the idea of using edibles immediately. Whether it’s lack of knowledge or the fear of getting stoned, the hesitation exists.

So, let’s break this hesitation today. Here are 5 things you should know about consuming edibles to have a safe and effective experience.

Table of Contents

●       Buy Edible Cannabis Products Carefully

●       Understand the Way Edibles Work In the Body

●       Avoid Mixing With Other Substances

●       Keep CBD Handy

●       Consume Edibles Under Supervision

Buy Edible Cannabis Products Carefully

Before thinking about what happens to your body after consuming edibles, retrace your steps and pay attention to the quality of the edible you use. When buying edibles, you have to be careful about little details like ingredients, THC and CBD ratio, lab tests, etc. This involves reading labels carefully and checking the certificate of analysis.

But why is it so important to be careful when buying edibles?

First, edibles deliver therapeutic effects only when they are of good quality. Second, dosing becomes easier as you can better estimate the effects of a certain amount.

Second, lab tests and reports assure you that the claims on the labels are true and the product is safe to use.

Three, cannabis edibles are not FDA regulated. So, it’s easy to come across products that are of subpar quality or contain harmful chemicals. This leaves the responsibility of buying safe and good quality edibles on the consumer.

Understand the Way Edibles Work In the Body

Compared to smokable cannabis, your body processes edibles differently, which influences the way they affect the body.

Now, smokable cannabis delivers cannabinoids into your bloodstream through the lungs. It is a fairly quick process which is why the effects are almost instant. On the other hand, edibles have to go through the digestive process. It can take anywhere from 30- 90 minutes for the edible to metabolize and deliver cannabinoids in the bloodstream. This is when the edibles start kicking in. However, to fully experience the effects, the edibles need to be completely metabolized by the digestive system. This process takes about 3 hours which is when the effects peak.

This is the reason why you are advised to wait for about 2 to 3 hours before concluding that edibles did not work for you.

But, this is just a general estimate because the onset and peak time can vary from person to person based on their medical condition, metabolism, and other variables. It is best to consult a medical cannabis doctor online to understand the way edibles will work for you.

Avoid Mixing With Other Substances

If you consume medical cannabis, you should avoid mixing it with other substances like alcohol and prescribed medications.

Both alcohol and cannabis are psychoactive substances and can impair your abilities to a great extent which can put your safety and that of others at risk. The combination can also increase your chances of alcohol overdose.

Cannabis and prescribed medications may also not be the best combination. These two can interact and lead to side effects like dizziness, fatigue, changes in blood sugar levels, and more. If you are using medications for sleep, pain, blood sugar, or any other health issue, you must contact your doctor before using cannabis.

Keep CBD Handy

It’s very easy to overdose on cannabis edibles. Besides improper dosing, it is very common for people to misunderstand the slow onset of edibles with ineffectiveness and consume more which leads to overdose.

In addition to this, edibles can cause more potent effects than expected. That’s because the liver can turn the THC in edibles to 11-hydroxy-THC during the digestive process, which is a more potent cannabinoid than just THC. In either case, you can develop intolerable effects.

If you end up overdosing on edibles and are unable to handle the effects, try using CBD. It negates the bonds between THC (responsible for intoxication) and the CB receptors, which helps lower or at least prevent further intoxication.

Consume Edibles Under Supervision

Safety is of utmost importance when consuming cannabis, whether in edible or smokable form. It’s public knowledge that cannabis is intoxicating and can cause a ‘high.’ For this reason, whether you are a beginner or have been using cannabis for a long time, it is important to be in a safe place and around someone you trust.


Cannabis edibles are a fun and exciting way of using cannabis. They are easy to use, convenient, and leave behind no smell. However, edibles are not the same as joints or topicals. If you are interested in trying edible cannabis, you must understand how it works and how to be safe with them. So, along with the points we discussed above, connect with a professional to understand whether edibles will be a good choice for you or not.

What Should You Know About Consuming Edibles

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