Smoking CBD - a guide to smoking CBD flower

Smoking CBD – a guide to smoking CBD flower

There are now a variety of different products on the market that contain the active ingredient CBD. The most well-known products are the oil and capsules, which have now established themselves in the ranges of many different CBD brands. Over time, more and more customers have shown interest in products that allow them to smoke CBD. Since cannabidiol (CBD) is obtained from the hemp plant, it is reasonable to assume that the active ingredient can also be ingested through the plant’s flowers. There are some benefits to smoking CBD, but it also comes with a few questions that we’ll explore below.

Smoking CBD – but how?

The easiest way to smoke CBD is via CBD flower. CBD flowers contain CBD in their most natural and untreated form. They resemble the flowers of the marijuana plant in appearance and contain the active ingredients THC and CBD. Unlike marijuana, CBD flowers only contain very small amounts of THC. Therefore, unlike marijuana, getting high from CBD is not possible. Also, unlike marijuana, CBD flowers do not have any intoxicating or psychoactive effects, as these flowers are derived from plants specially bred for the lowest possible THC content.

Pure CBD flowers

Those looking to smoke CBD flower can do so in many different ways. Smoking CBD works the same way as smoking marijuana. On the one hand, you can smoke the CBD flowers pure. To do this, you can roll up the CBD flowers into a cigarette with rolling paper/rolls/papers. In addition, you can use a filter so that the effect is not quite as strong and the smoking experience is somewhat softened. On the other hand, CBD flowers can be smoked in pure form without adding tobacco. This is also healthier as adding tobacco can create an addictive effect.

With tobacco

Some users do not want to smoke the CBD flowers on their own and therefore want to mix the CBD flowers with tobacco and use tobacco pipes. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as CBD tobacco, so commercial tobacco is added in such cases. This allows the flower tobacco blend to be smoked as a CBD joint or pipe. The mixture does not have to be smoked in a normal pipe but is also suitable for smoking with a water pipe. Many users then mix the CBD flowers with specially flavored tobacco. However, the respective harmful ingredients of the tobacco are then also included. In addition, there is a risk of addiction due to the nicotine contained in tobacco, which is not advisable.


Vaporizing CBD Buds

One option that has become widespread in recent years and is becoming increasingly popular is CBD steaming or vaping. You can vaporize the CBD flower in a so-called vaporizer, which was specially made for vaporizing hard components such as herbs or CBD flowers. This form of consumption is particularly popular nowadays because it is gentler than usual smoking. The ingredients are not burned when vaping but are vaporized by a corresponding temperature. The advantage of this is that this method produces fewer pollutants than burning the ingredients. In addition, the CBD flowers are consumed pure with this method so that the harmful substances caused by the addition of tobacco are eliminated.

Some consumers keep asking themselves whether it is possible to smoke hemp products such as hemp tea. Unfortunately, this question is not since CBD tea can contain other ingredients and CBD flowers. If these substances are burned, the resulting smoke can be toxic. In addition, substances can be released that have a negative effect on the taste. For these reasons, one should not smoke CBD tea.

Difference between vaping and smoking

What is the exact difference between vaping and smoking? When you smoke CBD flowers, you wrap them in paper or put them in a pipe. Burning creates very high temperatures, which produce some toxins. The smoke can then quickly be harmful to your health – especially if you want to smoke CBD regularly. In contrast, the CBD flowers are placed in a vaper’s heating chamber when vaping. These devices gently raise the temperature so that the CBD flowers contained are only vaporized and can then be consumed via inhalation. Since vaporization creates lower temperatures, only the desired active ingredients such as cannabinoids and terpenes are produced released while the formation of harmful substances does not occur.

Benefits of smoking CBD flower

When consuming CBD, there are different ways of using CBD, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of inhalation is the rapid development of the effect. For example, if you inhale CBD through the lungs, the active ingredients can enter the bloodstream directly through the lungs. The effect then occurs within a few seconds. For comparison: When taking capsules, it can take a few hours before you see an effect, as the body absorbs the active ingredients slowly through the intestines. So if you hope for an immediate effect, you should rely on inhalation.

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Besides the fast effect, CBD has advantages as an active ingredient. Unlike THC, which also comes from the hemp plant, CBD has no psychoactive effects. Therefore, there is no risk of intoxication like there is with marijuana. This also reduces the risk of dependency.

Another benefit of vaping CBD is replacing other forms of smoking that are harmful to health. Unlike smoking tobacco, CBD is not as harmful to the lungs and body as the toxic additives found in traditional cigarettes are absent. CBD could even be an option for smoking cessation.

What are the effects of smoking CBD?

Smoking CBD generally has similar effects as consuming cannabidiol in general. After this enters the bloodstream, it can dock and interact with the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. These are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a part of the nervous system. [1] Even though research on this topic is not yet complete, it is assumed that the ECS system is responsible for regulating sleep and pain perception, among other things. In general, consumers describe that CBD consumption helps them relax, relieve pain, or increase their general well-being. However, this effect is not scientifically guaranteed.

Smoking CBD – risks and side effects

Known possible CBD oil side effects include fatigue, dry mouth, or loss of appetite. Headaches or nausea can also occur in rare cases. However, there is no risk of addiction or intoxication. In any case, you should make sure that you only consume high-quality products from reputable manufacturers; otherwise, there is a risk of contamination that can be dangerous to your health.

Are there ready-made CBD cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes are illegal in Germany and therefore not available because their THC content is one percent above the legal limit. However, there are CBD cigarettes on the market in other countries that either contains pure CBD flowers or are mixed with tobacco.


Do not smoke CBD oil.

Anyone who comes up with the idea of ​​smoking CBD oil should urgently keep their hands off it. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that oils should generally not be smoked, as overheating or even burning oil can produce carcinogenic substances, which then also enter the body via the lungs. In addition, some CBD oils are mixed with vitamin E acetate, which can also develop toxins when burned. [2]

Is smoking CBD flower legal?

In Germany, the legal situation on this subject is not clear. CBD is legal in Germany, as it is also written in the Narcotics Act if CBD products do not have a THC content higher than 0.2 percent. In addition, the products may only come from industrial hemp, which has a particularly high CBD content and a very low THC content.

In March 2021, Leipzig judges ruled that the BGH (AZ: 6 StR 240/20) ruled that “CBD blossoms” from industrial hemp are a narcotic within the meaning of the BtMG but can be legally sold to end consumers to the exclusion of assumed potential for abuse. This is a fundamental simplification for both retailers and consumers, but based on experience, the authorities monitor this with different degrees of strictness from state to state. Since the legal situation is constantly changing and unclear, you should still exercise caution when consuming CBD flowers in Germany.

Can I get behind the wheel after consumption?

The consumption of CBD and driving is generally not prohibited Since CBD has no psychoactive effect. However, since CBD can make you tired, it should be avoided. In any case, anyone driving on the road should be fully alert. In addition, it may be the case that a drug test can detect the minimal THC content in the CBD flowers.

Smoking CBD – a guide to smoking CBD flower



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