Here's What the Cannabis Community Has to Say About Top-Shelf Cannabis!
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Here’s What the Cannabis Community Has to Say About Top-Shelf Cannabis!

Have you ever wondered why products with hefty prices are placed on top in supermarkets? This is all about the quality and marketing playing their greater roles. The effects on the top shelf are supposed to have high quality, better utility & greater benefits. Simultaneously, when we talk about top-shelf weed, it is defined as a high-quality product with greater benefits that have been cultivated in a specific manner to offer premium benefits.

After considering it, here we’re with what the cannabis community has to say about top-shelf cannabis. If you’re a newbie to cannabis, continue reading the blog till the end to save up on those extra bucks on purchasing low-quality weed.

Definition of Top-shelf Cannabis

You must have heard people talking about top-shelf or platinum weed and being amazed at the supreme quality; well, both are the same. Everything is taken care of with precession for top-quality weed, from the strain selection to the environment where the weed is cultivated.

If you’re known to the cannabis community,  you would know that Top-shelf weed has become a catchphrase for high-quality cannabis.

This type of cannabis has a well-defined aroma with a better texture. This is the reason what makes it a high-expense spend for stoners.

Know the Ideal Type of Top-Shelf Weed

It should always be remembered that not every quality weed or good cannabis is top-shelf. However, as per industry insiders, some aspects can help you identify the Ideal type of top-shelf cannabis products.

Looks matter

Know the Ideal Type of Top-Shelf Weed

Talking about overlook is important, especially when it comes to cannabis. An ideal type can be seen as a fresh-looking and precisely grown weed that bespoke its quality. The color tones for high-quality cannabis can vary from purples to yellows and oranges, while green is widely popular for weed.

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The color solely cannot help you identify, but surely it can assure the freshness of weed. Furthermore, the flower’s vibrancy shows how nicely it is grown in a controlled environment and eventually looks appealing to the stoners.

Smell out the quality

Smell out the quality

This is literally how you should check the quality of weed. Knowing the quality of your nose can help you greatly. Sniffing the flower buds helps recognize the aroma, whether original or artificial. After inhaling, if there is a strong aroma that feels natural and raw, it is undoubtedly top-shelf cannabis.

The natural smell would be more like traditional citrus flavors, vanilla, or sweetened woody aroma. So, while grabbing the top-shelf cannabis, it indicates the low or mid-level product quality if you sniff something unnatural.

Experience it firsthand

Experience it first-hand

Any weed connoisseur would agree that to know the righteousness of weed, you must experience the texture firsthand. Henceforth, feel the bud to know the premiums of the weed. Keep in mind that the stickier the weed, the better it is. Once you take good-quality cannabis in hand, you will be left with a residue of trichomes. However, it must not be crumbly or thoroughly dry as it hints at its staleness.

When finding an answer to what is top shelf weed or what makes cannabis ideal, all you need to do is trust your senses over the cannabis product labels. Nevertheless, it takes years of experience to identify the right cannabis, at first sight, touch or smell, but considering these points can help newbies.

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What Makes it Top-shelf?

What Makes it Top-shelf?

High-quality strains

To grow top-shelf cannabis, the selection of quality strains is a must. Read the labels carefully regarding the strains and crossbreeds to get the desired benefits. The selective strain ideally holds the right amount of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Controlled environment for optimal growth

The environment in which its strains are grown has to be precise overall. The soil, pesticides, and other aspects have to be apt.

Perfectly dried cannabis

The perfect drying method helps in the prompt preservation of trichomes. However, if the drying of cannabis is impromptu, it can hamper the benefits of degrading cannabis.

Perfectly dried cannabis

Top picks of Online Dispensaries in Canada

If you just got excited to get your hands on top-shelf Canada weed, look at these top-shelf weed shop choices available online in Canada.

  1. Cannamobile
  2. Hunny Pot
  3. Village bloomery
  4. Tokyo smoke
  5. City Cannabis

Keeping an eye on the best cannabis/weed can be difficult in today’s market due to easy entry to dozens of fraudulent cannabis sellers. Don’t be troubled; instead, choose the best top-shelf weed shop online/ delivery service, Cannamobile.

You also get same-day weed delivery to your doorsteps to help you smoke in style with this online cannabis dispensary.

So, get your high-quality cannabis today!

Aradhna was born and raised in Chandigarh, India,  where she grew her interest in writing. The art of words fascinated her, and the genesis of penning down words that cause echo started. She got fond of cannabis after getting familiar with its great effects that de-stress without becoming an addiction. To fulfill her curiosity about the holy grail plant cannabis, she explores her “eureka” moments now and then. Aradhna wants to create awareness regarding the goodness of cannabis so that everyone can live a content life.

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Here’s What the Cannabis Community Has to Say About Top-Shelf Cannabis!



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