Facilitating Multi-Continent Cannabis Business Development
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Facilitating Multi-Continent Cannabis Business Development

Global Cannabis Network Collective announces the 2021 Advisory Board leading the way in facilitating multi-continent cannabis business developments.

Denver, CO — The Global Cannabis Network Collective (GCNC) announced this week its 2021 International GCNC Advisory Board members. The global organization was launched in 2020 by cannabis industry experts Chris Day and Jillian Reddish in response to the need for more global connectivity, deal flow, investment, and alignment between multinational operators, scientists, researchers, and C-Suite executives in legal cannabis markets around the world. The organization has quickly grown to be an important player in the international fabric of rapidly expanding cannabis markets worldwide.

The GCNC 2021 Advisory board members are:

  • Deepak Anand, CEO of Materia Ventures, Canada
  • Lorena Beltran, CEO of CannabiSalud, Mexico
  • Joshua Berman, Director of Business Development, iCan, Israel
  • Leanne Blumenthal, Owner, The GMP Co, South Africa
  • Bob Hoban, President, and Founder, Hoban Law Group, United States
  • Inbar Maymon-Pomeranchik, Founder, Biodiligence, Israel
  • Abhishek Mohan, Co-Founder, Hempstreet, India
  • Sita Schubert, Secretary-General, European Medical Cannabis Association
  • Fleta Solomon, CEO, Little Green Pharma, Switzerland, and Australia
  • Nicholas Spiteri, CEO, CannAnalytica, Malta
  • Leon Warne, Lead Scientist, Little Green Pharma, Australia
  • Julian Wilches, COO, Clever Leaves, Colombia

“We are honored to have such influential and experienced advisory board members coming together to support the GCNC’s ability to aid our members in expanding their business networks, adding velocity to deal flow and driving access to impact investments as we collectively shape an international marketplace that is not simply sustainable and ethical, but profitable and regenerative,” says GCNC Co-Founder Day, a former MJBizDaily executive.

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The Global Cannabis Network Collective has members throughout Latin America, Europe, Australia, India, Africa, the United States, and Canada. “In addition to providing numerous ways for businesses to connect and explore multi-continent business operations privately, the GCNC is facilitating regional member-led initiatives around cross-border trade in South America, bridging the communications gap between pharmaceutical companies and cannabis companies in Europe, and providing pathways to investment in the newly formed medicinal market in Mexico in just the next six months,” says Reddish, co-founder, and managing partner.

“Our goal is to be the hub between multinational cannabis businesses, government regulators, researchers, investors, and global events so together we can streamline communications and business opportunities in the ways that make sense for each market,” she said.

The second meeting of the full GCNC membership will be held on March 18, 2021; cannabis executives with active operations in at least two countries may request to attend here. Companies interested in becoming part of the GCNC network through membership may apply at www.alwaysdriveinnovation.com/cannabis or email the organization directly. The GCNC is a subsidiary of Project Evolve.

About Project Evolve

Built to drive innovation, Project Evolve is a marketing and communications think tank that focuses on moving the needle in challenging societal problems by supporting businesses driven by more than profit alone. Project Evolve specializes in serving small and emerging companies worldwide in cannabis, the events industry, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Discover meaningful opportunities to grow with Project Evolve at www.alwaysdriveinnovation.com.

Facilitating Multi-Continent Cannabis Business Development

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