Did you know that CBD helps improve memory and concentration naturally?
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Did you know that CBD helps improve memory and concentration naturally?

CBD is a natural product with many benefits, including improving memory and concentration during study or work hours. This is because CBD can rebalance different physiological and cognitive processes. So let’s see together what scientists have discovered regarding the beneficial properties of CBD for increasing concentration and memory.

Are you looking for a natural remedy to improve memory and concentration in study or work? First, you must know that various scientific research has shown that today’s man’s attention span lasts a maximum of 8 seconds and that, even more alarming, it is even lower than that of a goldfish.

The inexorable alternation of commitments and distractions makes it difficult to concentrate on the activity that is taking place and, consequently, to memorize a piece of information or a concept.

Should you study but keep compulsively checking social media on your smartphone?

Or, do you want to conclude a personal project at all costs but can’t find the right energy even to start?

These are normal conditions in the modern era, especially in the professional sphere. Work has become increasingly hectic, with overlapping commitments and activities, all of which are detrimental to concentration.

Furthermore, we must not leave out the infamous distractions.

When concentration is not at the top, the mind tries to evade the effort with all its strength, and for this reason, it is natural for you to check your mobile phone or eat instead of concentrating on work or study.

Fortunately, there are natural and effective remedies.

Did you know that the properties contained in CBD help improve memory and concentration? CBD is a natural substance with sensational qualities because it can rebalance many physiological and cognitive processes such as pain, appetite, sleep, and even memory.

How CBD Helps Improve Memory and Focus

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the active ingredient extracted from the cannabis plant. Its healing properties have been known for thousands of years and have been rediscovered by recent science, which is always on the hunt for natural remedies.

What is cannabis? Cannabis, or hemp, is a plant from the Cannabaceae family. There are different types, although, in the West, the most widespread is Cannabis sativa.

Inside there are many substances, including minerals, proteins, vitamins, fibers, terpenes, flavonoids, essential fats, and about a hundred cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system found in the body’s nervous system. You must know that the body already produces many endocannabinoids by itself. These regulate the physiological and cognitive processes of the subject, such as, for example, memory.

However, the body does not produce enough endocannabinoids, so some processes do not work as they should.

Cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant have been shown to have the same composition as endocannabinoids. Therefore, they can integrate the endocannabinoids helping their action and thus rebalancing the body.

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Simply put, they act at the root of the problem!

CBD, working on the endocannabinoid system, can relieve even severe pain, reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, recover appetite, treat inflammation and act on memory and concentration.

THC also interacts with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors, but in a different way.

What is THC? More commonly called THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol is the active psychoactive ingredient in hemp. Its properties are very similar to those of CBD, but while THC interacts with the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, CBD acts on the CB2 receptors.

Let’s see how.

What are the neuroprotective properties of CBD?

Cannabidiol affects memory and concentration because it interacts with dopamine.

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter that regulates many mechanisms such as sleep, movement, pleasure, and even memory.

When dopamine levels are low, so are your memory and concentration.

To intervene on neuroplasticity, therefore, the ability of the brain to transform is not only age but also habits. But, unfortunately, today, man’s habits are very bad, leading to deterioration.

The neuroprotective properties of CBD can therefore help cells regenerate, thus improving memory and concentration.

Furthermore, by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD reduces stress and anxiety and helps relaxation. This action, therefore, allows you not to panic in managing the many daily tasks, thus facilitating concentration.

The neuroprotective effect is particularly manifested towards the CB2 receptors, responsible for the inflammatory response. By acting on the same, CBD can reduce any inflammation of the cells, helping them reproduce properly.

What does the research carry out in this regard?

Although CBD has been known as a natural remedy for thousands of years, research into the properties of CBD is fairly recent. In addition, it is only recently that countries have begun to legalize the trade of light cannabis.

However, scientists have already collected several studies on the properties of CBD for improving memory and concentration.

These studies are very interesting because the common belief is that cannabis damages memory instead of fortifying it. Cannabis is an excellent ally for reducing anxiety and improving concentration.

Let’s see what scientists have found out about it.

Effects of CBD on recognition memory

CBD crystals help improve memory and concentration

As for studies on CBD to improve memory, preliminary research for the Journal of Cannabis Research was published in BioMed Central. The study demonstrates a link between the action of CBD and the improvement of attention and working memory.

Scientists wanted to investigate the different actions of THC and CBD on memory. It is essential to pay attention to THC and CBD act differently because if THC can cause memory disturbances, CBD heals them.

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Thirty-two regular cannabis users were involved in carrying out the test and tested it with different levels of THC and CBD. Those affected were then subjected to blood tests and a verbal recognition memory test.

The memory test was performed both before taking the substances and after.

Scientists noted that memory accuracy decreased with increasing THC levels, while there were no compromises with the combined use of THC and CBD.

CBD does not affect the cognitive abilities of healthy individuals. But it is interesting to note that it can, on the contrary, improve the processes of attention, executive function, working memory, and episodic memory in the case of memory problems, also associated with pathologies.

For this reason, CBD has been considered a valid treatment in the case of cognitive disorders, even severe ones, such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, or encephalopathy.

Effects of CBD on cerebral flow and relation to memory

A recent study was published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology in 2020, which showed how CBD interacts with brain flow by increasing memory.

The goal was to investigate how CBD could influence brain blood flow within regions involved in-memory processing to find a remedy for disorders or pathologies that involve impaired processing.

Furthermore, the scientists wanted to demonstrate whether there were differences in working and episodic memory tasks when CBD interacts with brain blood flow.

The results that emerged from the research were positive. They suggested to scientists that CBD increases cerebral blood flow in regions involved in-memory processing. In particular, within the hippocampus.

The hippocampus is located under the cerebral cortex. It is instrumental in the formation of explicit memories and spatial navigation and the transformation of memory from short to long term.

During memory tests, it was also found that reaction times on activity were reduced.

This means the mechanisms by which CBD works would potentially be helpful for the treatment of many conditions where there is an alteration in-memory processing, such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Effects of CBD on Concentration

CBD oil and crystals help improve memory and concentration

So far, we’ve talked about studies on CBD to improve memory, but what about concentration? Research has been published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, explaining the potential effects of cannabidiol as a wakefulness-promoting agent.

There is not a lot of research on the correlation between CBD and concentration; however, the latter is scarce in moments of sleepiness and lowering of energy. According to the study above, CBD should induce wakefulness to facilitate engagement.

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The study focused, in particular, on the hypothesis that CBD modulates the sleep-wake cycle.

Several scholars have found a decrease in sleep following a systematic administration of CBD. Even in subjects suffering from severe insomnia.

CBD has been shown to work on the hypothalamus, which plays a key role in modulating wakefulness. It also acts on neuronal clusters in the brain called the raphe nuclei.

Several sleep disorders have been considered, such as dyssomnia (difficulty getting and keeping sleep), parasomnia (awakening disorders), disorders related to mental or neurological diseases, and other disorders.

The conclusion is that CBD acts positively in treating various health conditions, both of a psychiatric and neurodegenerative nature; therefore, it is plausible to assume its effectiveness even in case of drowsiness.

What products contain CBD to improve focus

The world of cannabis light offers a remarkable variety of CBD products to improve memory and concentration.

In a nutshell: you are spoiled for choice!

A particularly appreciated product with boundless properties is oil. CBD oil is sold in different formulas, but it is in the broad spectrum variant that it gives its best. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains not only cannabidiol but also the natural substances we mentioned at the beginning, namely minerals, vitamins, proteins, fibers, terpenes, flavonoids, essential fats, and other cannabinoids. All these substances work in synergy, creating the so-called entourage, with much higher properties than those of isolated CBD.

Another valid solution is represented by CBD inflorescences, which are nothing but the flowers produced by the hemp plant. There are many types, and they are interesting because the resin that covers them is rich in CBD. As a result, the buds have different chemical characteristics and a variety of different scents.

Finally, if you are looking for a product with a high concentration of CBD, you need to focus on crystals. The latter contains 99.8% CBD in its purest form and is obtained through CO2 so as not to affect its quality.

Now you know all the properties of CBD to improve concentration and memory. On our online shop, you will find the products we talked about a while ago and many others based on light cannabis, all by Crystalweed.

Did you know that CBD helps improve memory and concentration naturally?



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