CannaList Conversations - Robert Hoban & Sander Zagzebski
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CannaList Conversations – Robert Hoban & Sander Zagzebski

We recently sat down with the Co-Chairs of the Cannabis Industry Group at Clark Hill LLP.

Bob Hoban sits at the center of the world’s largest commercial cannabis industry network, a cannabis industry ecosystem that he has painstakingly cultivated since 2008. Since the cannabis industry became commercialized, he has been widely credited for creating the class of lawyers now known as “cannabis attorneys.” He is known for the tremendous value that he places in his relationships and is not satisfied unless he can help his business clients thrive in this burgeoning global industry, an industry he has played a significant role in establishing. In addition, Bob has earned a reputation as a cannabis industry dealmaker representing start-ups, entrepreneurs, and companies in all stages of development. Mr. Hoban has truly transcended the practice of law and is regularly involved in assembling and structuring large-scale cannabis industry M&A transactions. Above all else, Bob is a cannabis industry expert.

Sander Zagzebski is a partner in the Corporate Practice Group and Co-Chair of the Cannabis Industry Group at Clark Hill LLP. he is a transactional corporate/securities lawyer and represents clients in capital raising transactions (private and public offerings of debt and equity, including venture capital investments and private equity investments); mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, and other change-of-control transactions; joint ventures and strategic alliances; debt restructurings and workouts; and general corporate, partnership and LLC matters.

About Cannabis Industry Group at Clark Hill LLP

While governments and public opinion have swayed positively toward Cannabis reform in recent years, those involved in the marijuana and hemp industries still navigate many inconsistencies between jurisdictions. Clark Hill attorneys work with stakeholders across the Cannabis industry to provide comprehensive business counsel for clients seeking to capitalize on emerging growth opportunities.

As state agencies and local municipalities develop and implement effective regulatory schemes and procedures, businesses, investors, landlords, and lenders are in turn striving to take full advantage of developing opportunities without incurring unnecessary risk.

Clients in the Cannabis industry have relied on our attorneys nationwide since the earliest days of the legalization movement. We advocate for industry groups, trade associations, and other clients on a range of legislative initiatives and regulatory policy matters. This work has included helping draft numerous statutes, ordinances, ballot measures, referenda, and litigating related election law disputes.

In many jurisdictions with legalized medical or recreational marijuana, our Cannabis attorneys have won or helped fortify cultivation, processing, and dispensing licenses. From multi-state operators to start-ups, through clinical registrants and retail operators, our approach to obtaining licenses integrates all four cannabis enterprise stages: formation, application, operation, and exit.

Our regulatory team counsels clients on constantly evolving laws, regulations, and policies in the growing hemp industry. To help clients of all sizes, we advocate before governmental agencies, compel regulatory advancements, and provide institutional knowledge at each step of the regulatory process.

Growers, processors, caregivers, transporters, lenders, investors, and other cannabis-industry clients seek counsel from our attorneys on issues familiar to companies in any sector. In addition, our guidance reflects our understanding of the evolving requirements of federal and state law enforcement officials and regulatory agencies.

CannaList Conversations – Robert Hoban & Sander Zagzebski

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