Cannabis Regulatory & Compliance

Failing to keep up with the latest rules and regulations governing a cannabis business can prove very costly for companies that find themselves in a state of non-compliance and potentially need remediation. These providers support cannabis clients operating within the highly regulated cannabis industry by helping them navigate, design, and transform their operations, processes, controls, and infrastructure to address the specific regulations, regulatory requirements, and operational risks that they face.

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  • Cannabis Certification CouncilThe CCC is a nonprofit standard holding body focused on providing consumer and industry education, transparency, and choice in the cannabis industry. Through our #WhatsInMyWeed campaign and the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, the Council has become a leading advocate for clean, ethical, and sustainable business practices in the cannabis industry.
  • FOCUS – Foundation Of Cannabis Unified StandardsFounded in 2014 as The Cannabis Health and Safety Organization, FOCUS addresses the many shortcomings in quality, safety, and consistency that became evident with the explosive growth of the global legal cannabis industry. FOCUS is an international, nonprofit cannabis standards development & third-party certification organization dedicated to protecting public health, consumer safety, and safeguarding the environment. FOCUS is not an advocacy organization nor an industry trade association. FOCUS does not accept membership dues or fees for standards development. This autonomy fosters a principled, objective environment that serves end-users, providing an impartial bridge between industry and regulatory. FOCUS Standards provide current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) guidelines for all critical areas of the cannabis industry, including Cultivation, Retail, Extraction, Infused Products, Laboratory, Security, Sustainability, and Packaging & Labeling. The FOCUS certification process is designed around proven processes for quality and safety. FOCUS certification is a partnership designed to help cannabis businesses achieve their goals and vision, improve efficiency, remain compliant, and minimize risks.

Cannabis Regulatory & Compliance Support

Service Providers

  • Ample Organics – We create technology that helps companies compete in the highly regulated cannabis industry. With our proven compliance solutions, you can spend time focusing on your business.
  • BioTrackTHC – Established in 2010, BioTrack aims to bring cannabis out of prohibition through transparency, accountability, and scalable growth.  As pioneers of seed-to-sale tracking for business management and government oversight software, the BioTrack team has the professional experience necessary to navigate regulations and enforce compliance across any regulated landscape.
  • Canix – Canix’s cannabis ERP software eliminates the frustrating busywork in compliance, inventory management, and sales in your cannabis business. Instead, use a seed-to-sale platform to improve your operation.
  • CannaPointCannaPoint is a seed-to-sale software solution developed specifically for the Cannabis industry, including Cultivation, Processing, and POS for Medical/Recreational Retail Sales. The CannaPoint platform utilizes the industry-leading NCR Inventory Engine providing a proven system for tracking and controlling inventory, meeting state regulatory reporting requirements, and more.
  • CannaTrac – CannaTrac’s proprietary software and technology brings trust, integrity, and traceability to cannabis banking dollars. Our mission is to ensure that financial institutions are supported first. We provide fully transparent reporting solutions based on the features demanded by banks, credit unions, and government agencies. In addition, with the most comprehensive solutions for long-term compliance preparation, we offer personalized state support to respond quickly to evolving guidelines.
  • CloudLIMS – Cannabis laboratories test for cannabinoid levels, pesticide levels, terpenes, moisture, heavy metal, fungi, and molds. Laboratories adhere to regulatory guidelines that demand strict accounting for every gram of the sample right from reception, consumption for testing, to sales and disposal. Therefore, an automated workflow in cannabis laboratories should support sample traceability in compliance with state and local laws. In addition, labs need to maintain the chain-of-custody, which records the disposition of a specimen documenting the personnel involved in collecting and handling samples for their analysis. Such a workflow can withstand regular court scrutiny. CloudLIMS helps you automate regulatory compliance requirements in the laboratory with its configurable and expandable data model. With its extensive and configurable client and sample management features, you can store and report on data generated from your experimental workflows.
  • CloudPWRModern, secure workflow software and best-in-class service are now within reach for government agencies and businesses of all sizes.
  • CompliaComplia is the only cannabis and hemp-specific licensing and registration software solution on the market today. Cannabis and hemp markets are rapidly evolving, and the Complia platform was specifically engineered to grow alongside these unique markets. Complia’s team of technologists and cannabis regulatory experts bring best practices from our experience in other cannabis markets so that you and your team can ensure the success of your cannabis program.
  • Confident CannabisThe World’s First Technology Solution To Bring Transparency And Consistency To Legal Cannabis Through Data And Insights.
  • CovaWhether it’s opening day or scaling to multiple locations, getting your business online or on the road with home delivery, Cova is here to help you run your cannabis store and realize your dispensary vision. Our award-winning retail platform is renowned for its built-in compliance, intuitive ease-of-use, and unparalleled reliability. Let us simplify your operations, so you can focus on what matters—your customers.
  • Dauntless Inc. – Dauntless, Inc. provides seed-to-sale traceability, retail, and point-of-sale (POS) software solutions for all licensed businesses within the cannabis and hemp industries.
  • FlowhubFlowhub is the leading cannabis software company providing Metrc-compliant point of sale, inventory management, dispensary analytics, mobile ID scanners for customer check-in and auditing, and easy integrations. The Flowhub dispensary management platform helps increase cannabis sales and compliance for thousands of legal, medical marijuana, and retail cannabis dispensaries throughout Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Oregon.
  • FylloThe Fyllo Compliance Cloud is a suite of software and services that enable organizations to navigate today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape, streamline compliance, and scale with speed.
  • GetGreenlineGreenline POS is a compliant cannabis point of sale system, powering over 500 stores across Canada.
    At Greenline POS, we are passionate about helping society onboard into a cannabis-friendly environment. This is why we’ve built a web platform that provides cannabis retailers with a way to automate their inventory, sales, employees, and compliance needs so they can focus on educating society on the wonderful solutions that cannabis provides.
  • Green BitsGreenbits is the complete cannabis retail platform. We increase sales by providing business solutions that make regulated retail safer, smarter, and easier. As a result, Greenbits serves more retailers, processes more transactions, and rings more sales than any other retail platform.
  • iComplyCannabis compliance is often confusing and always complex. Whether our clients are starting a cannabis business, are unsure of risky pitfalls, or need to mitigate legal vulnerabilities, we make the difference in actually being compliant. We also support governments, developing, implementing, and managing cannabis regulatory models. When it comes to cannabis policy, regulation, and operational compliance, our staff has the experience and insight to implement excellence in the industry effectively. Our solutions help our clients validate compliance and operate with peace of mind.
  • InstantGMP, Inc. If you’re relying on multiple software and paper-based solutions to manage your compliance and manufacturing process needs, InstantGMP™ could be the key that unlocks the next level of success for your business potential. Seamlessly maximize production uptime, improve batch quality and meet all FDA compliance needs—and more—all with an affordable, paperless, all-in-one software solution.
  • KLERKLER Seed-to-Sale software provides accountability and visibility into every aspect of your cultivation, toll processing, manufacturing, wholesale, and retail operations. Industry-specific solutions for the unique challenges of the Hemp and CBD markets. KLER develops products and features to promote transparency, facilitate compliance, and manage the full supply chain for cannabis licensees, government agencies, and the public.
  • Leaf Logix TechnologySeed-to-Sale Cannabis ERP. We set the standard for seed-to-sale cannabis compliance software with the industry’s only native platform to service all cannabis businesses.
  • LINKtoBANKING – With over $2.8 billion in legal cannabis transactions, financial institutions have an obligation to help oversee the progression of this industry while remaining in compliance.  Link to Banking provides a solution that allows financial institutions to gain the trust needed to serve cannabis customers.
  • METRC – Metrc is the most trusted and experienced provider of cannabis regulatory systems in the United States. Our solution combines advanced software, radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, a dedicated customer support team, and a secure database to track and trace cannabis from growth, harvest, and processing to testing, transport, and sale. Metrc serves more than 250,000 users, including growers, manufacturers, testing facilities, transport providers, dispensaries, state regulators, and law enforcement officials across 15 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam. We are proud to play a leading role in ensuring the safety and security of the nation’s legal cannabis market.
  • MJ Freeway – Our powerful, data-rich MJ Platform enables preventative compliance, precise inventory visibility, and streamlined operations. Get it all, or customize it to fit your needs.
  • Nextec Group – CannaBusiness ERP is software built to help cannabis cultivators, processors, and manufacturers grow. It is purpose-built for the cannabis industry and includes the features and functionality needed to help businesses manage finances and operations, seed-to-sale, compliance, quality, traceability, and more. CannaBusiness ERP is built on the Sage X3 platform and delivered by NexTec’s cannabis and technology experts.
  • OMMPOS – Easy to use point of sale and inventory tracking for medical and recreational dispensaries and farms. Built-in METRC reporting and tracking. Sales, compliance, and tax reporting for medical and recreational dispensaries and farms. Complete monthly and quarterly reporting in minutes. Integrated tax and METRC reporting and tracking. Cannabis industry compliant scales, cash drawers, scanners, printers, and labels for recreational and medical dispensaries and farms.
  • POSaBITNo matter how your dispensary is set up, how you process orders, the layout of your physical space, how you intake online orders, whether you accept curbside pickups, or how you structure your delivery program, POSaBIT Unlimited provides all the flexibility and functionality you need. Easy Dispensary payments, payment processing for dispensaries and cannabis retailers. The first dispensary point of sale to provide unlimited freedom to do business exactly how you want. POSaBIT Unlimited supports and improves upon every conceivable workflow.
  • ProcessPro – ProcessPro’s comprehensive cannabis ERP solution includes total cultivation, harvesting, processing, inventory, quality, sales, financial, and reporting integration to automate and streamline your cannabis or hemp operation. Our industry-specific ERP software developed for growers, processors, and dispensaries offer a complete business management solution to track seed to sale in one platform.
  • Simplifya – Simplifya is the leading regulatory and operational compliance software platform serving the cannabis industry. At Simplifya, we’re dedicated to providing user-friendly software that makes it a lot easier for your cannabis business to stay compliant with state and local regulations. Simplifya provides easy-to-use tools to help proactively ensure business compliance to protect your license, company, and investment. Whether you’re a licensed operator or a third-party service provider, Simplifya helps to schedule, assign and track the myriad of tasks required to manage and maintain compliance. Our suite of products takes the guesswork out of the confusing and continually changing regulations. Our leading best practices and easy-to-navigate technology platform saves you headaches, time, and the difficulty of wading through countless pages of regulations, so you can focus on what’s important to you: running your cannabis business.
  • THC Safety, Inc. – THC Safety is a consulting firm that provides real, actionable advice on designing, establishing, and operating your cannabis concentration production (CCP) facilities, cannabis-infused products (CIPs) & analytical laboratories while assisting our clients to be in continuous compliance with regulations and good practices. We have designed cannabis extraction & analytical facilities nationwide, including Colorado, California, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Nevada, and Puerto Rico.
  • Treez – is the leading technology platform at the epicenter of the Cannabis industry. Our robust software sets the standard for retail supply chain operations. We infuse learned insights from market leaders to simplify commerce. Together, we accelerate safety, legitimacy, and growth.
  • Trellis – Trellis cannabis seed-to-sale management software does more than keep you compliant. We are on top of regulations, so you can focus on growing your business. Trellis gives you the tools and analytics to optimize your operations. Easy to use, implement, and configure to your operation. Trellis is the technology that works for you.
  • Viridian Sciences – Providing specialized business management software solutions to cannabis companies. Viridian Sciences is built on a world-class accounting system and top global brand in SAP, using the Business One platform. Our solution is fully tailored to cannabis-related business processes and leads the industry in software solutions through superior production and processing controls, financials, inventory management, and data analytics. Viridian Sciences comprises some of the top talent in the SAP Business One sector, with certified consultants and developers ready to provide our clients with professional services, support, and continued product improvement.
  • Wherefore – Wherefour’s ERP & traceability software saves you time and money. Generate the data you need to pass audits, inspections, and certifications easily. Enable your team to run day-to-day production confidently. Get the production data and inventory tools you need. As a result, spend less time on production and more time responding to growing demand.

Cannabis Regulatory & Compliance



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