5 Reasons To Buy From A Top Rated Dispensary Only
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5 Reasons To Buy From A Top Rated Dispensary Only

Why is it so important to buy from a top-rated dispensary only? 

Well, ask yourself this: Will you go to an unknown doctor with no experience if you have medical issues? Or will you seek out the best doctor possible in your area so they can provide the best advice and expertise to treat your medical problem?

This is similar to when you want to buy some cannabis for smoking or consumption. It is not wise to get it from the first dispensary you find.

You must spend time researching the best dispensaries and what kinds of products they carry. 

This article will go over the 5 reasons you should ONLY buy from a top-rated dispensary like OWGanjaKid. Let’s start!

5 Reasons To Buy From Reputable Dispensaries in Canada

Did you know? As of Dec 2020, there are over 1400 dispensaries in Canada. This does not include all the illegal dispensaries that are operating within the country.

You can imagine just how many thousands of smaller dispensaries are trying to make a quick buck from selling weed online.

You can see why this is so important with the 5 reasons to buy from known dispensaries listed below.

1 – Better Cannabis Quality

Now, this should be pretty obvious. You really get what you pay for.

When you pay for cheap weed, you get cheap quality. However, not all cheap weeds are of bad quality. There are cases where good dispensaries are selling quality strains for $99/oz or less. 

Keep in mind that the average cannabis price can be anywhere from $9 to $15 per gram. But a lot depends on how potent the cannabis is, strain type (whether it is Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid), and their THC levels.

When you buy from a top-rated dispensary, you will rest easy knowing that the cannabis you get is of good quality.

Sometimes, illegal places may mix in some bad weed and the good ones to make more profit. This is also another reason to avoid dispensaries that are not known to many people.

2 – More Product Options

Top-rated dispensaries have more product options. Some places even sell as many as a hundred strain types!

For example, I was looking to buy edibles online from a dispensary called Mail Order Marijuana in Canada. They have almost 30 edibles options to choose from. As for cannabis strains, they have more than 50 cannabis options ranging from low potency to high potency.

The choices are really endless when buying from a top-rated dispensary. However, it is just no match when you compare it to an unknown dispensary with limited product options.

3 – More Affordable

When you buy from a legal dispensary, they will have better connections with suppliers. This makes it more affordable for you to buy cannabis online.

You can also check out your local dispensary to support the businesses in your area. The cannabis business is highly competitive, and you should support local!

4 – Great Customer Service

Live Chat Support can be found in top-rated dispensaries such as Online Dispensary Canada. They have been around since the beginning of Canadian cannabis legalization and have been providing great customer service for all customers.

I have personally tried buying from their dispensary and have only received high-quality products and great service each time.

5 – Accurate Packaging

For those who place importance on THC and CBD in a product, buying from a top-rated dispensary will ease your worries.

All packaging will have accurate dosages of THC and CBD. Some may even include instructions on how to use them and what it helps to treat. 

For example, I like using cannabis for sleep, and certain strains are better suited to do that over others.


Anyway, you have now learned the 5 reasons why you should only buy from a top-rated dispensary.

The best way to figure out if a dispensary is good or not is by first looking at their reviews. A legit business will not have a problem gaining good reviews.

Shady ones will have tons of bad reviews that they might want to hide. So beware!

5 Reasons To Buy From A Top Rated Dispensary Only

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